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My idea of art is to elicit an emotional and visual response through the medium of turning and embellishing wood. I focus on particular themes and designs that surround me, and are the basis of my expressive work.

These particular designs are everywhere in our everyday lives, for example: seeing a ruined ancient wall, that generates feelings or memories of past events, or seeing a particular pattern on a church wall generates others.

I carefully select the wood for my work, sometimes using the wood's color, grain and appearance to convey meaning.

On some works, I use acrylic and metallic colors to accentuate the feeling generated by the design.

Similarly, as a writer uses a pen and paper to convey a thought, emotion or a memory, I use the piercing tool as my "pen" to do the same in wood."

My desire is that through my work, and observer will experience similar emotions and memories that I have experienced during my creative journey of making.

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