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About me

My name is Luigi D’Amato, I was born in Italy, but am now a Swiss citizen, living in the Canton of Ticino, in the Italian part of Switzerland.

I own a cyber security company in Lugano, but live in nearby Sant'Antonio, a small village at 1000 meters above sea level.  There, I live with my wife Deanna, our two cats Bimby and Teo.

My home is in a forest, surrounded by thousands of square meters of trees, animals and vegetation of all types.

Walking through the woods, I kept noticingfallen trees--birch, chestnut, maples, and ash.

And then I became curious about how to make use of trees that were rotting away.

I purchased a "Logosol Farmer" mobile sawmill and started giving new life to wood, milling boards from the fallen trees for future use.

Later in 2017, I learned the basics of woodturning from Matthias Bachofen, a master woodturner who has a school in Lamone, Ticino.

After a bit of bowls, plates, glasses and other commonly used objects, I felt that I had to find something else that stimulated my curiosity.


The passion for engraving was born when I saw some artworks done by my father-in-law (an engraver in brass).



I always try to go beyond and exceed my limits, and in piercing and accessory processing I found my focus.

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